• Image of The Court Inaugural home opener scarf

With the huge inaugural season quickly approaching, we’ve decided we want to commemorate the first ever regular season home match. We want to share this excitement by offering up this super rad, super limited edition scarf.

On top of that, we want to do something a little extra special for our team to commemorate the occasion - we plan to gift one of these to every Royals player and coach following the match on 4/14.

Obviously, this is an investment with zero return on our end. This doesn’t bother us, as we’re excited either way to share this with our club.

However, if you’re feeling interested in helping out, we’re offering the get one/give one option. Simply select “get one/give one” from the drop down menu before adding to cart! This option gets you one scarf of your own, and also helps cover costs to gift them to the players. One “get one/give one” order will help cover two players or coaches, along with your own scarf!

PLEASE NOTE: You will not receive any extra scarves when selecting the get one/give one option. The extra cost is used to help us cover the ones being given to the team.

These will be available before the 4/14 match.

If you purchase a scarf and would like to pick it up at the April 14th Tailgate. Please choose the Tailgate Pickup Option from the dropdown menu.

If you do not choose tailgate pickup, your order will be shipped. We CAN NOT guarantee delivery before 4/14.”

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